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FA Level 1 Coaching COurse

Note – this course has now been replaced by the FA Introduction to Coaching Football Course and is no longer available.

In order to begin a successful coaching career, you will first need to start learning what it takes to be a coach. The FA’s coaching system is not only an excellent place to begin to put together your coaching career, but it is also the mandated route for the vast majority of coaching roles. It consists of a series of development courses covering everything from basic skills to coaching philosophy, safeguarding and leadership.

This in-person and online football coaching course was the first step in the journey, although it has now been replaced by the online-only Introduction to Coaching Football course.

Broken down over 8 guided face-to-face workshops and three e-learning modules, the course was run by local football associations all over the country (the new Introduction to Coaching Football course is run exclusively by England Football). These courses were usually laid on over weekends, and allowed those who already have a full-time career the chance to pursue a career in coaching.

The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football course offered an insight into many areas of the game and was a great starting place for would-be coaches. 

FA Level 1 Course Aims & Objectives

The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football course was very much meant as an introduction to coaching the game of football. The course offered an initial knowledge of the game and how to coach it. The course was aimed at those who will be working with children but was suitable for use right through the age spectrum.

The focus on children was highlighted by the inclusion of a safeguarding children workshop that was one of the final steps required in order to pass level 1. 

The course was the first step on the FA’s core coaching pathway and should set you on your way to developing as a coach. Once you have completed the first step, you will be able to work in a variety of settings in order to enhance your skills. As you progress with the pathway, you are able to take further courses that will enable you to broaden your skills and develop further.

What Does the Course Involve?

The FA Level 1 Coaching course was broken down into the following 8 workshops:

Workshops 1 & 2 - Build a Practice

The initial session gave an overview of what was to come in the course. It also provided an overview of coaching, the game of football, how the game is played in England specifically and how to begin building practice sessions for your players.

Workshops 3 & 4 - Develop a Practice

Workshops 3 & 4 led on from the first block, starting with a review of what was learned in the first session, and then developing knowledge of the game to a deeper level. This session was the first in which you would encounter the term EnglandDNA – which has become a way of guiding certain principles of play.

This second set of workshops went into deeper technical components of the game and provided a deeper understanding of the game as it is played in England. This set also covered developing a practice for players.

Workshops 5 & 6 - Extend a Practice

The third set of workshops was centred on putting all that you learned into practice. First was a review of the previous block of workshops to ensure a complete understanding, followed by moving on to more holistic areas of coaching – such as managing yourself, your players and even their parents on a match day. 

This is actually a vital component of success in coaching and linked to the wider theme of this workshop, which was what goes on around the game as well as the game itself. Coaches are vital in ensuring that not only are teams successful, they are also well looked after.

Workshops 7 & 8 - FA Safeguarding Children & FA Level 1 Intro to First Aid in Football

The final set of workshops concentrated on another important facet of the game: safeguarding. The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football allowed you to work with children from the age of 7. Clearly, there are specific concerns and responsibilities that coaches are able to help with outside of the game.

Often coaches are trusted individuals for children, and it is important that coaches learn about their roles and responsibilities when it comes to the children in their care. This is a big part of our own belief system, and we work hard to ensure that the children in the care of our coaches are well looked after.

What This Means for You

In order to get your coaching career off of the ground, you used to need to gain the FA Level 1 in Coaching Football, however as stated, this has been replaced with the Introduction to Coaching Football. You can book the Introduction to Coaching Football course online on the FA’s website, however you will need to complete the free BT Playmaker by England Football qualification first.

FA Coaching level 1 FAQs

The course cost £150, however as stated, this course is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Introduction to Coaching Football course, which costs £160 and can be booked online.

The course took 43 hours in total, split between in-person and online learning. The new Introduction to Coaching Football course is delivered entirely online and should take around 3 weeks to complete, although the emphasis is on learning at your own pace.