Why Coach for a Living

Why Coach for a Living


Acceptance, respect, fulfillment and working in a sport that you are passionate about – what more could you ask for from a job? Becoming a football coach is an intensely fulfilling job which will present new challenges and have life-enhancing benefits, impacting you on a daily basis. Whether you are at the start or accomplished in your coaching journey, it is always beneficial to confirm why coaching is the right fit for you.

Start with the Why

Passion, fulfillment and purpose have been identified by hundreds of entrepreneurs and experts as the key ingredient to a successful career. Simon Sinek, the best-selling author of ‘Start with Why ’reminds us that we must start with the “why” when it comes to what we do, this short video provides a short master class on the “why”. As humans, we are programmed to become more engaged when we are involved in something we actually enjoy, care about or have an interest in. This impacts our work and how we communicate with the world. 

Find your Why in Football

Football is a very fortunate industry in which there are so many enthusiastic people that make the “beautiful game” their lifetime passion and interest. Amongst the hundreds of playing styles, coaching philosophies, teams, club missions – it can be hard to determine where exactly you stand as an individual and how you want to contribute to football.

Here is an example from We Make Footballers, showing our “whys” – it’s what makes us get out of bed each morning with the same passion and enthusiasm for football:

1 – To contribute to England becoming the best footballing nation, creating a better football experience for all and resulting in a world-cup win.

2 – To enable individuals to work in an industry that they love whilst achieving financial fulfillment and creating positive change in their communities.

The Capital Gain of Coaching

Now that we’ve worked on the “why”, we are able to pinpoint our purpose and passion for a career in coaching and the beautiful game! Sinek stressed finding our passion and purpose results in more effective communication which has a critical impact in selling your product or service. Knowing your “why” makes you stand out from the crowd and will develop you as a businessperson.

When you see the word capital, your initial reaction may be to question the financial reward in coaching compared to other jobs. Indeed, a vast number of coaching roles in the UK are voluntary and this plays a vital role in our football culture, game and identity. However, although football is a “passion” or “interest” for most, it should also be able to provide viable careers and jobs for individuals that are committed to the game.

Many coaches that get paid for their work are self-employed which means that the number of working hours they complete directly impacts their pay and results in a variable income or stability in the job.

Becoming a reputable 1-2-1 coach can lead to making a good living and this can be achieved through experience, qualifications, courses, hard-work and determination. Another option is starting your own football coaching business which also has the benefit of allowing you to become your own boss. Although this is a competitive industry, developing a business would give you a better chance at generating more financial security and having more of a say in the amount/type of work that you do each day.

Guaranteed development

Strong connections, care for the well-being and motivation of the players or team that you coach become part of your everyday life. As you impact players, teams, parents and communities with your work – you will gain personal development and fulfillment in exchange. In guiding the players or team that you coach towards developing their physical capacity, technical ability, social skills and psychological process you will see your personal skills climb in the same positive trajectory. This elements that make up the job of being a coach assist you towards greater personal growth.

The beauty of coaching and the game is that if you are driven then there is always room for personal development and growth. Some of this comes down to your daily activities through exposure to new challenges, age groups, different communities, teams, courses, coaching environments, events…

Another element which guarantees you the opportunity to continually work and improve on your craft is the ever-changing landscape of football and the game. With new players, managers, coaching methods, technologies, qualifications and studies – there is always more to learn in football!

You will feel IMPORTANT

When you see positive results in the players that you coach or when parents convey thankfulness to you, it is near impossible to not feel self-fulfillment and happiness. A goal for many coaches is to help develop a positive relationship between the player and football which hopefully sees them being involved in the game for as long as possible.

Whether you are coaching park footballers, grassroots footballers or professional footballers your job is important and critical in helping players become the best that they can be.

Find the right fit for you

We Make Footballers offer a number of coaching and franchise opportunities across the UK that guarantee development and personal growth as well as becoming part of a footballing movement impacting meaningful change.

If you are looking for a different opportunity in football, then we’d recommend heading to your local FA website to search for jobs and courses in your area.

It is fair to say that the majority of people in football aim to improve the football experience for everyone involved. This is why it is a fantastic job and career path as it provides fulfillment, network, growth, development and passion in your work.

Our coaching roles vary in responsibility and locations with We Make Footballers, we wish you the best of luck in your coaching journey!


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