Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a franchise?
    A franchise business is a business which the owners, or “franchisors”, sell the rights to their business logo, brand, name, services, operational, sales and marketing processes to an independent operator/individual called “franchisee”. The individual is then able to operate their franchise business using the existing business model with the support and guidance of the franchisor.
  • Can you help the franchisee source funding?
    We partner with a company called Franchise Finance. We generally work on a 50/50 split with funding, however this is not a fixed rule, and each individual is treated on a case by case basis. However, we have helped a number of franchisees gain funding over the years and this process can be key to helping individuals launch their football coaching business.
  • Does the franchise become an asset I can sell or pass to someone else?
    Yes – the franchise can be sold to another party with We Make Footballers Ltd taking a 5% commission of the sale.
  • What are the management and royalty fees?
    A monthly 2.5%(+VAT) of your turnover is charged as an advertising contribution which goes towards National marketing of the We Make Footballers brand, website developments and upgrades which in turn benefits franchisees.
  • Can you provide a breakdown of the training offered?
    To help you thoroughly understand the processes involved in running a successful franchise, we offer 3 days of training at the We Make Footballers Head Office. We also offer practical training at our venues held within the flagship “TW franchise”; based in Greater London. This training can be extended so that you feel fully comfortable and ready to launch your franchise. You will also receive remote and interactive training throughout your franchise journey, at WMF we strive for continous learning and development to ensure our franchisees are always put in the best position to succeed.
  • What support is offered once my franchise is up and running?
    You will be assigned a Franchise Support Manager who will help you throughout your franchise journey in the daily running of your business. We use online booking software, project management tools, sales and accountancy software and much more to help you manage every aspect of running a football coaching business. We have weekly calls to ensure you are keeping up with the Marketing and Operational sides of the business and hold webinars to ensure our franchise network is continously learning and developping.
  • How will I source my Coaching Team?
    After initial training on how to go about recruiting staff, we will support you so you can build your initial team of coaches. We will setup recruitment adverts online so that you find the best people as we on average receive over 50 Coach applications for each new venue opened. It will be your responsibility to train your coaches but this will be with a great deal of support from us and using the help of our WMF Coach Qualification Programme and Learning App.
  • Am I limited to grow my franchise to a certain size?
    The average franchise will get to around 400 subscribed players attending weekly sessions in their 3rd year, however you are not limited to this number. You will build your business as big as you wish within your postcode territory. Franchisees also have the opportunity to extend their franchise territory should they prove successful in their original areas.
  • How much will I be earning?
    A We Make Footballers Silver Franchise has an earning potential of £30,000 from your 3rd year in business assuming that you meet business plan targets. A We Make Footballers Gold Franchise has an earning potential of £60,000 from your 3rd year in business assuming that you meet business plan targets. International, Regional and Master Franchises have varied earning potentials.
  • Am I able to start a franchise with a Business Partner?
    Yes – We Make Footballers are open to you and a business partner running the franchise.
  • I want to franchise overseas, what does this process look like?
    If you are planning on launching We Make Footballers in a different country, please take a look at our International Page, then please book a call with us in order to receive more information about the process.
  • How long does it take to launch my franchise?
    A We Make Footballers Franchise takes between 6-8 weeks to launch.

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