Something Special is Happening in England

The FA have been working hard for the past decade to change the fate of our nation. We (everyone in England) are all waiting to see if we are the next Germany or Belgium, as we are constantly told there has been an overhaul of our coaching structure and things will change.

This summer we started to see some real change at senior youth level…we started winning!


If this babies reaction to England’s success wasn’t your reaction, it was either because:

  1. You were well informed as to the quality of the English youth players going into each tournament. You had full faith they would win their respective competitions.
  2. You didn’t know the tournaments were on and you weren’t really interested.
  3. You understood England are always successful at youth level because we pick big, fast athletes who overpower our opposition, but then can’t compete when they play senior football as the game is more about technique, intelligence, and moving into the correct spaces.


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If you chose 1 then hats off to you – I would love to speak to you about buying a franchise, as you must really be in touch with the game! If you chose 2, I’m not sure how you found your way to this website ????, but if you chose 3 then I would suggest reading on.

Many people believe England have alway been successful at youth level but this is actually untrue. If you look at the results on online of U23, U21 and U20 level football, England has had disastrous campaigns for the past decade.

However, it takes 10 years for a new youth football regime to take effect. New policies are built at grassroots U8/U9 level and you won’t see the change until U18/U19.

I am forever the optimist, but I agree with “The Whitehouse Address” writer Matt Whitehouse: Something Special is Happening with English Youth Football




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