How coaching can make you a happier person

How coaching can make you a happier person


One of the most compelling arguments for becoming a football coach is the happiness and lifestyle that comes with taking up the role. It should go without saying really – if you love football, how could actually being paid to do something you love not make you happier?

It isn’t just opinion that football coaching will make you happier either – there is a lot of established scientific theory behind it. With that in mind, we’re going to list the facts which prove that football coaching can make you happier.

You’ll be doing something you love with football

A paper released by Jennifer Aaker, Cassie Mogilner and Melanie Rudd, in 2010 suggested that it isn’t money that makes you happy, but time. More specifically, finding more time to do something you love.

Now, the reason many of us don’t have enough time to do the stuff we love is because we’re working. Working can take up to 40/50hours a week (23-29% of your time) and sleeping takes up 56hours of your time (33%), leaving you with little left to do what you love. If, however, you love football and that is your full-time job, then you are going to be working doing something you love, which is going to make you a much happier person.


You’ll be spending more time outside coaching

Did you know that working outside is a real boost for happiness? Among the many benefits that having your office in the great outdoors can bring are reduced stress, lower blood pressure and an improved immune system. Increased access to fresh and clean air can also give your brain a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity across all aspects of your life. It can even extend your life expectancy as a result.

If you’ve got a healthier body, a healthier mind and are going to live for a lot longer, then how could you not be happy? Spending every day coaching out and about will therefore make you that much happier.

You’ll be getting a lot more exercise and healthier

Being a football coach is a very active pastime. Not only are you demonstrating, playing the game, but you’re managing a lot of kids with endless reserves of energy. Managing different age groups of children, managing parents and coaches requires you to be hyper social and active during your days.

This is great news for you though as increased exercise is proven to lead to improved mood. When we exercise, our brains release endorphins which help to combat stress and create a feeling of euphoria. It’s often referred to as “runners high” because of the feel-good factor you experience after the exercise.

It’s rewarding to impact players and coaches everyday

Our brains are pretty complex pieces of equipment, take the reward pathway for example.

It’s connected to the areas of the brain that control memory and behaviour, releasing a feel-good hormone called dopamine whenever we do something that makes others feel good. This is where the positive feelings whenever we do something rewarding come from.

Football coaching is one of the most rewarding pastimes out there and when you’re teaching children new skills, helping them improve as players, creating pathways in football for players and coaches and making a genuine difference to their lives.

We hope that after reading this, you’re excited to start or continue you’re coaching and being a happy person who contributes positively to society. If you’re looking for a coaching opportunity, We Make Footballers work with coaches of all levels and experience – apply today to join the WMF family!

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